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Stylish Wigs for Fashion and Ease!


Wigs are no longer just for those who need them, they have become a fashion go-to and a way to save time and change up your look with a snap! We have cool open top wigs for summer with the cut just right for your style!

In addition, if you are thinning, you can have the body and fullness you have been desiring. Insurance covers for some medical diagnosis. Call us with your insurance information and we can start the verification process today!"


All the Items You Want for Your Unique Style

In addition to our full range of specific shaping products for women, Wellness Ware also carries additional items that our clients find useful and fun! From swimwear to jewelry, hats and headwear to purses and other items, we can match your needs with the item you want by appointment and personalized service.

Please take some time to look at our inventory to learn all there is to know about our sensational selection of miscellaneous products and fun:



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