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The Right Bra!

Each of us has a unique shape and finding the appropriate bra can prove to be frustrating. That is where trained fitters come in. They have the experience and knowledge to help you find The Right Bra!

Help, Guide & Support

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Many women appreciate help in finding a bra that meets their preferences. Some women have a naturally occurring imbalance and others have imbalances from surgeries. Wellness Ware strives to accommodate all of them when it comes to bras.

As a specialty store designed specifically for a woman's needs, we keep trained, certified experts on staff who can work with clients in their search for the right bra. We also provide compression garments for men and women, and maternity items- Wellness Ware is the only location of its kind in Southern Oregon.

Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump

Carrying Breast Pumps

At Wellness Ware we aim to help women by carrying a variety of maternity products that will help make life easier. These products include the Ameda Purely Ultra Breast Pump seen here along with Medela brand pumps.

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Not only do we have an accredited facility and certified fitters, but our customers love us. Don't take our word for it, let them tell you...

"I feel like I had never had a proper fitting until I went to Wellness Ware, and my surgery was 28 years ago."

- Daphne F.
(Breast Cancer Survivor)

"We have worked with Wellness Ware for 10 years and find them to be very professional. They take an interest in making sure each patients' needs are met."

- Shari Woodward & Lucy Lesina OTR/L


After Breast Surgery

You don’t need to live with the imbalance left after breast surgery. Wellness Ware can help you to regain your original shape and the symmetry you once had. Or if you prefer, we can help create a whole new you!

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At Wellness Ware, we have bras for all shapes and sizes. We carry a wide variety of brands and styles. We can help you find the one that fits you best and looks great too!

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Maternity Wear

Maternity Items

We carry breast pumps and pregnancy supports for new and expecting moms. These items are covered by some insurance plans. Call us today to see if you're eligible.

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compression socks

Compression Products

Our compression products are perfectly-designed to help with chronic conditions such as Lymphedema, Lipedema, and Vein Disease. They provide comfort and relief when it is needed most, and help to regulate blood flow.

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